Lycoris Recoil #07 — Toy Guns

August 13th, 2022


Do you really not have access to a sketch artist?


Pretty much a filler episode, but another one that raises more questions about this setting than it really means to. Terrorist dude and his entire entourage of thirty some-odd dudes are just walking through downtown, all openly carrying assault rifles, walk straight up to a police station and cop, whose assumption is that they're all overgrown kids playing with toy guns. This makes sense in this world. They also then shoot up the entire place, plug in a USB to hack the computers and… it just gets left there. With the computer still on even. Again. This is apparently how things work. So goes the first half of the episode. We're curious about the invulnerable terrorist dude, who's a ghost, but also wandering around openly in giant crowds, shooting up anything and everything around him, and the world twists itself into pretzils for this to somehow be clandestine and genius.

That then gets dropped for the second half to stalk the cafe manager dude out on a date/tryst with the one evil blond guy. Which is an excuse to A.) do some more cosplay, and B.) have ten seconds of flashback backstory for them. Neither of which have been important characters in any way though, and if they vanished from the show tomorrow, I'm not sure anybody would notice. Hell, they haven't even gotten around to featuring the other two girls in the supposed team yet. Why are we supposed to care about these two? An episode where nothing happens and they soak in their memories… their memories of nothing… ain't going to change that.


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