Lycoris Recoil #06 — Excessive Plot Armor

August 6th, 2022


Oh, I guess we're just totally invulnerable.


Most of this episode was just plain nonsense. And worse, nonsense that is mainly the one robot hacker guy screaming. The hacker duo are ostensibly the focus of the episode as the 'big' reveal is that the girl one was the one originally responsible for the episode 1 incident, unknowingly. And… that's her whole part of the episode. You could've cut out three minutes and lost that 'big' reveal, and I don't know what else there was in the episode to hang its hat on. That there's actually a bunch of child soldier murder factories, both boy and girl? That seems like something that should have come up before this point, and yet, will not be relevant in any way ever again and is probably just a dumb throwaway line. 

Even when the gunfighting bits began, we find out that Chisato is immune to all damage, whether it's being shot at, punched, or run over by a car. That's right. She's literally run over, then gets right back up, having taken zero damage whatsoever, seemingly not even stunned. Don't let the screencaps fool you. That's the green dude's blood he spat in her face. She comes out of being run over and punched repeatedly with nothing but an invisible scrape on her arm. The green dude also has absolute plot armor, being able to tank a rocket launcher to the face and come out completely unscathed. This is just flat out idiotic. Oh, but she has a weakness too, which they spend like three minutes explaining. Take her by surprise, and/or blind her. Well, gee. Summer Time Render's dumbass shadow powers that get rewritten and reinvented each week are making more sense at this point.

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One Lonely Comment

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    Chisato can’t see when she’s blinded. I’m glad we cracked that case.