Harley Quinn #32 — American Politics

August 19th, 2022


Both Sides™.

I have a social engagement tomorrow morning, so things will be delayed. I might get to the manzai thing before it, but definitely not Lycoris Recoil or Engage Kiss until the afternoon.


Urrrrrgh. I've been saying this whole season that I can't stand the long one-note Gordon segments, so here's an episode that's basically all Gordon, with a side of re-running the Joker-is-a-suburban-guy-now gag, also absolutely run into the ground. Not even well either, which is the really frustrating part. You could be doing all kinds of jokes about how the petty evil of a jerkass PTA mom continuously thwarts someone who's used to altruistic super powered do-gooders, but they don't even try. It's just the exact garbage sitcom they pretend they're parodying at the start, with the joke being that it's the Joker, despite not acting like the Joker in any way at all.

Nor do I have any hope that Gordon has turned any kind of page either. We've been through this song and dance with him before, particularly with the alcoholism thing towards the end of the previous season, and it always gets ignored the next time he shows up as he becomes more and more Flanderized. Same with Joker as mayor. He took over everything the previous season too. This isn't a change of pace so much as reverting to the previous status quo. 

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