Harley Quinn #31 — For The Beignet

August 12th, 2022


Please, no man bun.


I don't know that there's much to say about this episode. It was very fillerish, in that nothing really happened, and in the end, the power was inside Ivy all along, and had she just believed in herself slightly more, the whole thing would've been done with in the first thirty seconds. Which is starting to get a little insincere at this point because every episode of this season has been "Ivy resolves to believe in herself more." I'm also not sure when Frank became her best friend. Seemed more like a reluctant plant monster slave than a confidant.

But it also didn't engage in too many of the sins of the previous few episodes either. Harley was only slightly smothering, Ivy didn't passive-aggressively try to manipulate anybody, the B plot with Bruce and Selina was just boring instead of overtly obnoxious. The most annoying part of the episode was probably Nora, who's coming across as increasingly meanspirited with each new appearance. The original episode with her/Mr. Freeze was one of the actual dramatic and emotional episodes, and I don't love that the epilogue of that is that she's become a crass gag.


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