Harley Quinn #30 — Hoot Hoot

August 5th, 2022


A love of not-Macaroni Grill is nothing to base a relationship on.

I forgot to mention it previously, so here's as good a place as any. The Uncle show's studio was apparently a petri dish for covid, so it's going away for a while. A couple of weeks at minimum.


All these episodes are doing is convincing me that Harley and Ivy's relationship is extremely unhealthy for both of them. Same as Ivy and Kite Man, really. They have next to nothing in common, don't share the same interests, bicker constantly, don't trust each other, and the relationship is full of passive-aggressive manipulation. And then we reach the end of the episode and they give a speech about how no, actually, they love each other soooooo much and this one thing they did was because they were so insecure about themselves. Okay, but that one thing, in this case casual sex with Catwoman, didn't even come up at all until two minutes ago, and had little to do with the previous 15 minutes of lying, manipulation, mistrust, and anger at each other. That must be one hell of a love of some pasta restaurant. Also, at this point, we just completely forgot why we were here at all because the epiphany speech has been given, ergo things must be over. Apparently.

There wasn't much to the B side of the episode, just Gordon bumbling around mostly, which is a bit better than his last outing, but I'm still fairly tired of seeing him as a manic lunatic, and bouncing from Sgt Hatred to Mr Magoo isn't helping that much. Joker also ranted about Common Core for some reason, because I guess we've aged out of No Child Left Behind at this point. Kind of feel like at least half this episode was specifically to draw barely censored orgy porn.


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