Engage Kiss #09 — Sad Boys in Fields

August 27th, 2022


What is this, weepy melodrama week?


So much adieu for two characters who had less screen presence than Kisara's instagram, and less plot importance than the Amazon delivery girl. Also amusing that apparently Dead Guy #1 hung up, and then proceeded to have a long conversation with his killer. Priorities, man. It wasn't even a particularly good fight either. Animated, at least, which is more than Summer Time or Lycoris brough to the party this week, but they just drove to a field where they did punchies for a couple minutes before it was flashback time because oops, we forgot to develop this character before killing him. Wow, so ultra dramatic. Very Akame ga Kill of you, Engage Kiss. Nice of the nun to show up too just to do absolutely goddamned nothing. Very key character to this whole episode.

Again, all this really does is make me wish they were handling the whole memory eating stuff so much better than they are. The ending was sort of there, with Kisara having taken away all his good memories of the dude, but at the same time, this guy was a mass murderer for decades who literally just a couple days ago killed another friend in cold blood. Eat Shu's memories to make Shu into a cold-blooded killer as well who is single-mindedly devoted to his demon exterminating mission, sure, and you can still be sad to see him execute a family member without a second thought, but don't try to have it both ways that he still somehow also remembers that he cares about this dude (despite to this point having never really shown that). This isn't even someone any of the characters should be getting weepy over in the first place. Even the murder-nun was sad for god only knows what reason. He pretended to be nice while engaging in mass murder and chaos. Again, priorities, people.

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