Engage Kiss #08 — Requiem for White Board Guy

August 20th, 2022


Now who will… stand at white boards?


What a truly godawful episode. The first half is almost entirely spent standing around white boards, explaining rather spuriously that there has to be some random dude behind everything. Not just a random dude, but a super high rank dude, and only someone they personally know. Uh, okay. If you say so. Then the idiot apparently figures it out, and instead of making any kind of notes, or telling anybody, runs into an abandoned parking garage and leaves a voice mail saying "Yo! I figured it all out! You're never gonna believe it! Oh, oops. The culprit is right here. Well, instead of telling you, I'll die." Thanks. Very organic. Not profoundly imbecilic and a waste of ten minutes at all.

Then we come to the second half, and it somehow manages to get even worse. The blond idiot happens to be the secret king of all police. Not just all police, but an entire thought control gestapo spying on and manipulating the entire city. That's how serious it is that their camera couldn't catch the baddie. This is all just a random side note that I assume will never come up ever again. You understand that you're not making the bad guy more menacing or mysterious, right? You're just making the good guys more ridiculous and terrible at everything they do. Of course, the black guy with the unhidden glowing demon tattoo did it, so Shu just gets right in the car with him. God willing he at least told somebody first, but after this episode, I'm not willing to make that bet.


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  • Andrew says:

    Its a good episode

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