Engage Kiss #07 — Sister Octopus

August 13th, 2022


Why exactly did you stop kicking everything when it was always working?


Not sure why she felt the need to go all Doc Ock after dominating every single fight she's been in, and as soon as she did, she immediately starts losing. Nor is it great that her whole motivation is a mix of petty revenge over her own sex-murder plans gone wrong, and just generic "rarr rarr, demons bad." Thinking back on things, half the demons we've seen so far have been pretty ambivalent. There's Kisara, a random moth, and the one dude who had it out for the 1%. Not exactly a Legion of Doom in our villainry.

That also undercuts the big kiss scene quite a bit. Certainly having the action scene change from high flying kicking to her standing in place firing a minigun or tentacles didn't help my mood, but even the random one where they fought a moth had more actual emotion behind it. Then again, that one wasn't based on people yelling "Who cares!" Isn't that what you're trying to convince us of? That we should care? Don't just review all the various backstory tidbits. Shu was only even part of this arc for maybe three minutes total, and most of it was still being a dick to all women around him. 

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • LUNI_TUNZ says:

    “Sharon Holygrail,” has to be pretty high up on the all-time list of terrible fake English names in anime.

    Anyway, what these girls should have a talk, realize they’re much better than Shu, kill this geek, and become to baddest bitch threesome of demon killers… or whatever it is they do on this show.

    • Kitsu says:

      did you know that there exist 2 animes that got rid of the lame male mc? people don’t know how to appreciate what they have until people they live firsthand the worst option

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