Engage Kiss #06 — Kick Nun

August 6th, 2022


Not very subtle.


The blonde nun in the OP finally shows up, and is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I can appreciate the shoot kick first, questions later approach, but you just want some questions answered about a photo. There's probably a better approach than kicking in the door and picking a fight with literally all the local PMCs all at once. Kisara also doesn't really show up this week in the present time despite being the target. She's too busy moping under a bridge, literally, for not getting to be the wife-maid of the week to take care of the mooching idiot. Again and always, Shu needs some redeeming damn qualities to make their fanatical devotion to him work. 

I guess this is the obligatory backstory arc for Kisara and Shu then, judging by the random couple flashbacks out of nowhere and connected to nothing. He unsealed her for her power, she attacked him instead, but the nun was there too to re-stab her before Shu also put a bullet in her, and now the nun's back for… to be continued next week, but is presumably not thrilled about Kisara being up and about, likely from some early memory manipulation to get the premise of the show rolling. 


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