Call of the Night #08 — New Rules

August 25th, 2022


Except not.


I was hoping for something more substantial from the cliffhanger, like that 'love' meant largely physically and could be done by whoever/whenever, or the elephant in the room that each of them being vampires means that they already love or loved someone else. Instead, we get an arbitrary time limit. How many episodes does that mean? Maybe 3, maybe 300. Maybe it resets for different vampires. Maybe there's extra rules. Maybe you can half-turn into a thrall for an extension. Oh, but that also means they'll kill him if he doesn't turn… unless they change their minds again. It's a lot of handwaving and claiming that it totally changes things despite it not actually changing anything at all. 

The other side of the episode is a little more interesting to me, though it's not hugely clear where they're going with it despite him chewing up half the episode. Random Dude is introduced who's generally well adjusted, outgoing, friendly, and popular. And has an older girlfriend, which Nazuna sees and for some reason, immediately gets pissy over. You don't have much of a leg to stand on here, woman, considering you're likely doing far more with his literal classmate. But at the same time, the discordant, foreboding music to end things gives the impression that the arc here is going to be that he's actually miserable just like the office lady and also being abused despite Kou believing he has a perfect life. I don't love that, especially with how office lady went.


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