Call of the Night #07 — League of Cougars

August 18th, 2022


Whiny idiot cougars.


What on earth was this episode? Did they read some kind of asinine "Pick-Up Artist Tips For Women" list and decided that would be half the script? A bunch of vampires drag him off because it's bad for a human to know about vampires, so they spend the whole thing trying to seduce him with half-assed pickup lines, all of which had to then be explained at exhaustive length as to why they're pick-up lines and always work. Our golem protagonist is impervious to all that though, so in the end, we just get… a bunch of women standing around, explaining failproof pick-up lines.

It's not even stuff like soul gazing either. Sitting slightly closer and saying "Tell me about yourself." This, combined with things like "girls that blush about romantic things are soooooooooo unattractive to boys" makes the whole episode both baffling and more than a little grueling. Plus, it thinks it's ending on some kind of cliffhanger that "it'll take a long time" is some weird statement, when the whole thing was a bunch of random strangers offering to turn him on the spot. 


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