Call of the Night #06 — Age Inappropriate Activities

August 11th, 2022


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I don't particularly like either of the two segments here. The continuation from last week is the lion's share of the episode, and even ignoring the weirdness of what is ostensibly 14 year old doing a fanservice bit and seemingly having a genuine emotional rapport with someone nearly twice his age (because we're already ignoring Nazuna, who's supposedly multiple times even greater than that), it's never a great look to tell depressed people "just stop caring." Rather than explore why she feels pressured, or taking any actions to actually address or relieve the things stressing her out, he just says "Be like me and… don't worry about it." To which, her response is "Ha ha ha! That's so silly. You're right. It doesn't bother me any more." All those problems are still there! At least show some kind of improvement of the situation, not just telling her to chin up. Even if it's just pledging empathy and a shoulder to cry on, or a Simpsons do-it-for-her type deal. Your declaration of childish hedonism has fixed my depression is bad therapy.

The other segment is barely five minutes, and can be summed up as Nazuna is an ass, and then apologizes for it. Validating his feelings that she was indeed being an ass just to be an ass is well and dandy, but this was such a short segment that it's not very impactful. Mostly, it's an excuse to look at some cleavage in swimsuits and plunging pelvic bones, as if the show had ever been lacking those things. It's another time where him supposedly being 14 raises a whole lot of questions about these people and this world. You'd think these party boys with hearts of gold would at least be carding at the door.  

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