Call of the Night #05 — Costume Changes

August 4th, 2022


Taking ideas from bad porn this week, eh?


The first segment was definitely more than a little meandering. For a while, it seemed like it would be doing a thing where Nazuna kind of loafs around in a malaise until Kou shows up… but then he shows up and it totally shifts gears to just listening to him internally narrate that he has confusing feelings for her. Then she explains that he has confused feelings for her. And… that's it. It's okay to have confused feelings. Good that they're communicating and reassuring each other, but pretty spurious.

The second half likewise was bit all over the place. It started out as almost total fanservice, and by the end of it, had degenerated into calling massage therapists perverts and hustlers. Which, I guess, okay, I don't think they're exactly an oppressed class, but it is a little gross and seems straight out of bad porn cliches more than anything. Which is something that the show points out, but then proceeds with anyway. And then the episode abruptly ends without actually resolving anything. Maybe shuffle things so your meandering fluff segments are together and you can put the bits that lead directly into each other together next time? Or just cut out the fluff.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Ashley says:

    Oh, she wearing a nurse outfit, From tsundere elf to blonde gyaru vampire. Tomatsu Haruka seems to be voicing best girls. I have seen call of the night manga and it’s one of the best anime i have ever seen. This is reminding me of Durarara when it first started airing for some reason.