You0 Deco #05 — Sniffing Butts

July 31st, 2022


If it's on Wikipedia, it must be true.


A pretty weird episode, even for this show. Basically, a crazy dude runs a zoo or robot-animals that's "as real as reality," aside from being able to cuddle with feral bears and nothing inappropriately mating in front of the children, but is upset that the nue he created isn't seen as real, so he wants their help promoting it on faux-Wikipedia. Instead, they end up accidentally spamming the entire world with a corrupted trash nue that goes viral, then learn that nue really aren't real, so the dude calls Berry over so she can watch him euthanize his personal nue, and instead axolotls go viral. The end.

You'd think they'd be learning a lesson about not messing with Wikipedia/the public knowledge base, or accepting that you can have weird dreams, or to stick with what you believe in even if others don't share your passion for strange cryptids. Hell, there's even sort of a B plot of Berry and Hack having a little spat over he seeing a bit of his past, but that's unceremoniously wrapped up by him stealing her old bad grades for revenge, so it's hard to say that anybody learned anything except sometimes, you have to kill your sentient pets due to social pressure. Doesn't seem like a great lesson! 

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