You0 Deco #04 — Missing Child

July 24th, 2022


Not missing enough, if you ask me.


It continues to be baffling to me how and why they keep bouncing back and forth between the characters explaining these weird metaphysical socio-digital concepts, and being absolute complete imbeciles. Berry goes ghost mode, prances out into the street to giggle at how people can't see her, then sees some friends and calls out to them, and is baffled for about twenty seconds about how they can't see her. This is not a character who should be the center of the show. This is someone who it's a miracle they can put on their pants in the morning in only four tries.

While ostensibly about Berry taking on a case for some random degenerate as part of her new slum detective club, it was actually about Berry wandering around invisible, listening to people talk about how she's missing. The thing it really probably needed was to not immediately reveal that it wasn't his daughter but an avatar. Right from the start, they spill the beans that it's nothing actually important and there's not much reason to really care, nor any mystery or purpose behind it. Likewise, they introduce this stupid dog pet for her, it does literally one thing, and then disappears for the rest of the episode until the "Gee, I guess this had nothing really to do with Zero after all" at the end when it pretends like it's wrapping everything up. There was nothing to wrap up, guys. You never got even the supposed episodic plot off the ground.  

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