You0 Deco #03 — Objection

July 17th, 2022


You can tell it's a serious court by the wigs.


The end of the episode was okay, if a bit confusing why after a minimum security trial where literally anybody could waltz in and the handcuffs could be undone in 1.5 seconds by literally anyone, the cops immediately resorted to haphazardly unloading a battery of high ordnance on public infrastructure. Sure, a pseudo-lawyer was kind of assassinated, but that is some damn quick mobilization of drones of mass destruction to destroy a city block in the name of going after a couple of kids. I'm not even sure why we did the whole courtroom bit if we were just going to smash and grab anyway. To re-explain that Hack isn't Zero? 

But none of that came until about 15 minutes into the episode, and the rest of it was very slow and boring. About a minute into the episode, someone declares "We need to save Hack," and then they spend the next two thirds of the episode sitting in a room, not doing that. The new character from the end of last week apparently exists solely to Explain It All™ and be a mountain of exposition about what the origami thingie is, Hack, ghosts, etc. A lulling monotone of infodumping. As the third new character walked in to explain some random thing and exit stage right, I couldn't help wondering if we were going to get to rescuing anybody at all. Berry, meanwhile, helpfully stretched it out for another five minutes in another fit of pique by not handing over the origami thingie until getting an infodump. Way to contribute to the cause, girl. Is the setting exposition supposed to be the draw here? If not, can we focus on the crime fighting against some kind of data-ghost while on the run from the police for a crime you didn't commit? 

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