You0 Deco #02 — Content Moderation

July 10th, 2022


Don't actual serious social media moderators go quite mad from being exposed to so much gore and porn?


As annoying as chattering cape kid's verbal stuff is, I'd much rather keep watching him parkour around the city, alternatively fighting void witches and the police with paper airplanes and other wacky nonsense. It's not much in the way of plot or character, but at least it's visually fun with more exuberance than a lot of anime. Or that may just be the multiple goddamned cheat power exposition affairs of the last few days traumatizing me.

The same can't be said for once the glowing pink thing takes over the episode about a third of the way in. Usually anime has the issue of taking things too deadly seriously, but absolutely everything to her is just a silly lark. It might work if she was actually competent and in control of the situation, or at the very least, able to handle herself, or even had some actual prupose besides chasing whatever sparkly thing falls in front of her, but she's so far just coming off as a flighty, impulsive, reckless brat. My parents aren't home, time to break into my dad's business stuff for giggles! Wait, this whole social engineered world is censoring negative things!? *gasp!* I had no idea! Everything is a lie! I hate you, dad, you… content moderator!

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