When Will Ayumu Make His Move #04 — Not Christmas in Not July

July 28th, 2022


Okay, but why?


I was just planning on glancing at this, but the other two shows today were dull enough that I started sorting caps here, but by about five minutes into actually watching this episode, I was ready to pull the plug. No new reasons or sins. Just an extension of its old ones. We could've introduced some new characters, or a new situation, or some kind of even superficial sitcom level story element, but it's not interested in doing anything, not just to rock the boat, but to even move to a slightly different shoreline just to have something even slightly different to look at.

The most you can say for the episode is this one all but entirely over the obligatory Christmas/New Years schtick. It's all relegated to the credits and post-credits of a single episode. Technically, it was going on through the episode, but there was nothing there except putting out a little Santa and reindeer. So even if that was meant to be a draw, you're only getting a few minutes of it, which continues to beg the question of what on Earth this is even trying to go for or be. Obviously, the answer is that it's not trying to do or be anything at all. And there's enough white noise even in the ostensibly plot driven shows as it is.


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