When Will Ayumu Make His Move #03 — Pony Play

July 21st, 2022


Decidedly different from horse play.


I kind of feel like this may be as far as I go with this one. It's harmless and cute enough, but I don't have anything to say about these episodes, and it's not doing anything all that interesting with the characters or the writing. She put her hair in a ponytail. There's a school festival. That's… pretty much it, and not a whole lot to try to make twenty episodes on. What is there to say about any of that? Even the hypnosis couple is kind of off in their own little bubble, barely related to the other duo, except that the genders of who is freaking out are swapped.

It'd be a lot more stomachable if there was an actual relationship here, or at the very least, them learning more about each other or some kind of at least sitcom level conflict to work through. A show like Engage Kiss shouldn't be kicking your butt when it comes to romantic relationship development. I guess yelling "I AM ASKING YOU OUT ON A DATE" is closer than a lot of shows get, and I suppose there's platonic hand holding, but that's the start and end of the whole thing. Heck, there's multiple montages just to pad things out in place of coming up with any kind of substance. 

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