When Will Ayumu Make His Move #02 — Hypnotic Stare

July 14th, 2022


Just eat your damn fish.


I suppose it's cute enough, but I'm already getting pretty bored of the schtick. The three-legged race bit in particular was more painful than anything as they tried to do "look at how cute they are for being awkward and struggling," all while random other pairs of people trotted past them like it was nothing. Because it was nothing. And the whole schtick of taking literally every single interaction and every single conversation, and making a mountain out of every tiny little molehill… Anime, you need to find a better schtick.

It could work if there was more catharsis at the end, which is where shows like Yamada's Failed Sex Escapades worked well, above and beyond its actual comedy, but we're already recycling dialogue. "Find something cute." Yeah, we did that last week too. Is that really how we're ending the segment? Just that? I'm not even sure what to make of the hypnosis couple. It's a weird gimmick and I get the impression that it might've been a failed pitch relegated to being second banana. But it's… uh… also there? Are we going to be getting a series of non-couple couples then? Or is this just another recycled bit we'll be seeing every week from here out? Neither prospect excites me.


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