Uncle From Another World #04 — Fanservice Week

July 27th, 2022


Until the inevitable beach episode at least.


I really don't think a whole fanservice episode of the girls in the show dolling themselves up for the trashpeople dudes and throwing themselves at them was what this show needed. I'm already more annoyed by the attempts at humor at this point, and these aren't even really jokes, let alone new ones. Glasses girl likes dude. Elf girl likes old dude. Both are oblivious and there is a lot of yelling about it. Why so damn much yelling, Japan?

The difference between this week and last is that one got a shower scene with nipples very conveniently blocked, and the other dressed up in a nice dress. These are the two new situations that they tried to build an entire episode around. This is why I have a bit more forgiveness for the manzai show that at least tries to have some kind of story to guide events and a wrapup at the end. These two segments were just repeated noise with the most superficial differences from the last time they did them, which was the previous bloody episode.

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