Uncle From Another World #03 — Legally Distinct

July 20th, 2022


Anime, please stop ending episodes with primal screams.


Ars Notoria's third episode completely abandoned even the tiny bits of whatever the bloody revolution stuff in the background was, and was just twenty straight minutes of nibbling on cake, which unless the Fuuto PI/Kamen Rider show that doesn't start until August is way the hell better than its promos are making it out to be, leaves this as the best thing of the Monday to Wednesday span, but this was not a strong episode at all. It's weird to me that they're even doing an Attack on Titan bit, but I don't even know why. They didn't make any jokes about it or anything. They just did "so, there's this city that's Attack on Titan. The end." Uh, okay, guys. That sure was… a reference.

The second half decided to double down on the screaming. I suppose it was a little easier on the eyes, clearly going for a more fanservice approach with him turning into his elf not-girlfriend, but again, that's all it really did. He's a girl. There is fanservice. The fans like the fanservice. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Somewhere in there is clearly meant to be a joke. Probably the part where I was deafened, or maybe the part where they yelled "T&A IS POPULAR ON THE INTERNET." What humorous insightful commentary.

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