Uncle From Another World #02 — Just Like Evangelion

July 13th, 2022


…No, not really.

I did glance through the second episode that "Stepmom's Daughter is my Ex" thing, but it was mainly gawking at the girl's boobs and then she pretended to be sick so the dude could berate her while she got flustered and blushed. Feh.


I guess that makes this the best of Wednesday, unless that godawful reincarnation harem thing does a 180 (E: It did not, though it did have less fantasizing about sex slaves, but just as many status screens). But this was also leaning hard into the cheat power harem thing as well, being mainly concerned with introducing two new girls. Primarily, some ice themed one who he seduced by killing some dragon off-screen and some platitudes about living her own life and being herself. Granted, there was a joke in there about being a shut-in rather than just "do your best," and it steered clear for the moment from that being "Oh, then I choose to be your slave wife," but that speaks more to where the expectations for this kind of show are than any kind of successful joke or character development. 

The last five minutes switches gears entirely to introduce a different girl, ostensibly for the younger dude, being a childhood friend, but that's as far as their stuff went. The rest was the old guy being creepy and her yelling at them. It continues to mainly be references. Yes, this situation is like Evangelion. Time to spend a paragraph explaining what Evangelion was and how this is not actually really like it but is but isn't. Meanwhile, the girl can blush, gasp, be flustered, and then yell that this situation is not normal. I don't much think that she's contributing or helping the show, except in the sense that "here's another girl."

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  • The Phantom says:

    The absurdity of this guy, and to think that I wanted Sega to win as well, many of the references are pretty decent, and the show does not take itself seriously either, he is now a youtuber on top of it.