Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #05 — Desert Bus

July 30th, 2022




On one hand, I don't hate that a gag comedy show would experiment with different styles and do things radically differently from episode to episode. On the other hand, this episode was borderline unwatchable. The ghost trio just sit in the back of a bus and gossip about ghost stories, aliens, local (Hokkaido) legends, time loops, etc, while also pretty morosely being in one, but mainly just the time loop part. There's shades of a number of Galaxy Angel episodes here, but those had the benefit of only being twelve minutes. Twenty two straight minutes of this is… a bit much.

I don't hate the episode for existing because it is a sign that they're at least trying to do different things instead of making the same episode over and over again (looking especially at you, Ayumu). But by the same token, it's twenty minutes of watching three girls chatter in the back of a bus. If every episode was like this, I would have bailed on the show a month ago. I suppose it could've played up the horror angle or been more animated, but I suspect that the absolute deadpan delivery of everything this week is an intentional choice. It's just… not a fun one to watch.

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