Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #04 — Getting Rich on the Internet

July 23rd, 2022


Without porn? I don't see it.


Like pretty much all things about the internet, as a highly internet person, it leaves me wondering if the people who made it really actually understand the internet. Nothing will ever reach the original Komugi OVA's comprehension where an attempt to turn the internet into a monster instead resulted in a parade of cats yelling about small breast superiority. There's a rich vein you could be mining when it comes to get rich quick schemes, from crypto to selling bath water to weird niche OnlyFans accounts for cheese. All of those were ignored as if they don't exist.

Instead, we went more like a classical 70s self help kind of scam. We could've been parodying those too, at least in a way besides dressing like a lunatic. I think the other two character in the rich girl trio also needed to be more a part of the episode for the obligatory emotion speech at the end to have worked, but at least they tried to tie a bow in the end of things, even if unsuccessfully. More than most shows even attempt.


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