Summit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #01 — Raw Chaos Energy

July 2nd, 2022


Watching this was exhausting.

There's four new shows today, plus the ending to Tsubaki. Tsubaki will come last, and probably a little delayed while I attempt to recover from the marathon.


Well, I think that you're likely going to be seeing this on the internet circles, like it or not, for the OP and the ED if nothing else. They are… a lot to take in. The production in general for this show is kind of nuts. I legitimately fear for the amount of cocaine that they've pumped into the drinking water of the animation studio. It's frequently almost like those obnoxious internet parody videos that scream from one gag to the next. Which is far better than telling only a few jokes, but extremely, extremely loudly, but then we also have to get into the jokes themselves. I hope you're up on Japanese culture, because we're doing some deep cuts here. If you're familiar with the story of the crane's favor, that's about the level we start at. When it starts referencing regional foods, well, I distinctly feel for whoever has to translate this.

It is decidedly more irreverent and generally out of control than the manga it's based on, and I think does make a convincing case that it won't just be "girls are cute," and the comedy is certainly more geared towards… uh… chaos energy… than simply randomly screaming or making silly faces, though there absolutely was plenty of that too, but it wasn't the only joke it told, and the high production absolutely helped. I'm not totally sure most of the jokes will land, especially for a non-Japanese audience, but there are enough of them that even if 80% miss, you're still getting more, and a much greater variety than, say, Spy x Family had in any given episode. I'm pleasantly surprised, even if as often as not, most of my reaction to its references was to just ignorantly nod along. Yeah, food in Ibaraki do be like that. 


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