Summer Time Render #16 — Sins of the Father

July 28th, 2022


Oh, well if you wanted immortality in monster world, then sure.

Harley Quinn also started back up today with three episodes, and continuing from there weekly on Thursdays. Since I did cover it here the last time it was on, and enjoyed it for the most part (though wasn't a fan of the ending), I'll likely continue with it, but won't get started on the episode dump until this evening, and probably will do the second two episodes tomorrow since there's nothing else on Fridays anyway. Apologies for the delay here too. My internet decided to uncharacteristically totally crap out for about an hour this morning, which has set back all sorts of things.


It's understandable that we have a pretty sedate and exposition heavy episode after last week's absolute blowout, but that doesn't mean that I need to like it. Especially when it doesn't really add all that much pertinent information either. There's a few details about what exactly Haine's end goal is (going to Shadow Land), and why the evil pseudo-cultist people were following her (to go to Shadow Land), and who exactly the big dude is (some ancestor), but none of that really changes much of anything. The 'biggest' reveal, to be generous, is just another random shadow power rule about how people can only be copied once and are thereafter immune to it. That seems like something that could have/should have come up far sooner and have been used (or not used) for who could or couldn't be trusted. You'd also think they'd use this as a reason to immediately copy the whole cast and make them all immune to it. Maybe next week.

And… I don't know what else there is to say about the episode. It was a mountain of exposition. I guess the start with now good 'Mio' was a kind of unpleasant reminder of the bad fanservice and corny romcom stuff that has slowly been excised from the show. We're definitely not seeing any of those silly contortion faces over girls being half-naked or dumb panty shots these days. I did roll my eyes a bit at the very end when they revealed Shinpei's parents were also killed by shadows. It was personal before, what with murdering friends and family, but now? Now it's personaler.


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