Summer Time Render #15 — Rumble at the Gym

July 21st, 2022


Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are somewhat deadish.


Absolutely fantastic episode. The real strength of the characters and the story in this show is the constant back and forth. After a month of the shadows absolutely eating their lunch at every turn, Team Scooby finally pulls out a win. It is so important to have both competent protagonists and antagonists to not bog things down, and this is such a great illustration of both of them relying on planning, improvisation, quick understanding of the situations, and reactions to them without getting mired in fifteen minutes explaining it. Throwing aaaallll the money into the animation of the whole brawl certainly helped too. 

Sure, there were still a few silly bits, like apparently 'Ushio' can de-evilfy shadows, turning them into pokemon, so there's still way too many eggs in the magic shadow powers do literally whatever we feel like basket, but it was still the rest of the team kicking ass and taking names, not relying on asspull powers that drives the episode. Even the pokemon priestess herself maintained her sadistic, murderous edge despite being asspulled over to the good guys, so her character wasn't totally rewritten offscreen. Regardless, it's always always always better to go a little too fast than far too slow.


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