Summer Time Render #14 — Friendship Touch

July 14th, 2022


Boy, that's convenient.

I did glance at the second episode of Yakuza Babysitter and the first episode of the second season of Devil is a Part Timer, but one is still shying from its premise and going way too melodramatic for how superficial it is, and the other just screamed at me.


Welp, that was another short loop, though we don't yet see how he died. I'm glad we didn't spend forever in the past, though I'm not sure that the trip there added much of anything. She was friends with the devil, who had unending hunger and a penchant for sucking blood. You'd think these would be red flags, but apparently not. Eating her brother also caused her eye to spontaneously explode out of her head because of the mental trauma, which yada yada timey wimey ends up in Shinpei's face. Again, not sure I follow, but I guess we're going with that. 

We return to the present finally, and things still get a little contrived. The pseudo-priestess sister apparently got the touch of friendship from a monster copy of a dead friend and is a good guy now? Also, literally everybody got the memory touch and is recruited to Team Scooby Doo. Yeah, you're probably going to have to use magic powers to get everybody onto the same page, but everybody is taking the revival of a dead friend in super powered monster form and the recruitment to fight an army of evil monsters posing as friends and loved ones pretty damn placidly, even the ones who were religious devouts of them the last time we met. Not that I want more screaming like the comic relief inept cop dude, but it feels like we really skipped over a lot of ground. If it's in service to get to the show being like the promo sooner, I can live with that, but as far as this episode goes? Contrived at best, and certainly rushed.

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