Summer Time Render #13 — The Beheadings Will Continue

July 7th, 2022


Until morale improves.


Welp, that was a pretty slow episode, right up until it wasn't, and then it was again. This is exactly what I was hoping for last week, a way to neuter the looping a bit and make it not just a free constant reset button. The monsters are also now following them through the loops and ambushing their ambushes. Again, it's something that really helps sell that everybody here is actually genuinely competent and acting/reacting to new things happening, not just struggling to get up the nerve to do anything at all. That way, we're able to always be in the fun stuff, like suddenly dealing with a four armed monster murdering dismembering and murdering everybody, although to be fair, 'Ushio' was the one who instantly went straight for beheading Shinpei without a second thought. Gotta love a magical girlfriend who thinks nothing of a casual beheading.

But the downside to the episode is that the start and end did drag quite a bit. Granted, that did help the bonkers middle to catch you offguard a bit, but it was a lot of largely recap, particularly after the new high octane OP that has gone full monster slaying super teens. Then they end up in the far, far past to watch Boobs and her brother's shadow encounter where things pretty much come to a complete stop once again until the cliffhanger reveal about Boobs not having always been quite so anti-shadow cult. Mostly, how long we spent in the stupid cafe with all these randos makes me wonder if we're going to be stuck here in the past for an extended period, which would be very irritating. 


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