Phantom of the Idol #01 — Finger Bang Bang

July 1st, 2022


I don't think this song was well thought out.


This may genuinely be the cheapest and ugliest CGI that I've seen in a professional show in the last five years. It is bad. Really bad. And since between the OP and insert sequence, it's about five minutes of the 24, dragging it for that is absolutely deserved, even if the song itself is, in English, about "banging your love." It's 2022, Japan. You can spring for a 14 year old to translate things and make sure you're not saying anything too ridiculous. But I guess maybe that would also be removing one of the sole amusing parts of the episode, because good lord, it is not really much of a comedy either, unless having characters announce things like "You're not reacting to me being a ghost!?!?!?!?!?" is a joke for you.

So what is it then? Well, it is Yet Another Idol show. The dude wants to be lazy because he thought being an idol was just superficial looks, but you actually need to work hard and try your best and care about the fans more than anything! Also, there's a ghost girl to do that for him and remind him of the true specialness of being a low tier pop star who will be thrown out by the time they're 30. So make sure to buy all the merchandise! God help us all if/when the VTuber industry starts to edge into this space since it's the same crap but even worse in a lot of ways. Some day, one of these will surprise us and go all Dexter or even Milky Holmes in its opening episode, but this sure ain't it. 


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