Lycoris Recoil #05 — Stefen Harken

July 30th, 2022


And his stealth wheelchair.


They really need to do a better job either making the thug(s) of the week an actual part of the episode, or the rescuees of the week. They're tasked to escort Japanese knockoff Stephen Hawking, so they just go around and do a montage hangout for ten minutes. The 'assassin' doesn't pop up until halfway through the episode, but he's dressed like a goddamned peacock, and goes about his attempt by crashing through everybody like a bull in a china shop. Except all of it was a setup, the guy was braindead from the start and not even not-Stephen Hawking, but didn't stop them from using real bullets or trashing a construction site to screw with them.

Which is in real stark contrast to the other parts of the episode with what is apparently going to be the overarching plot. For starters, we have two beat cops poking around at the horrendous tragedy from last week. Doing a little bit of schtick too, in case you were taking the site of a dozen teenagers being murdered too seriously. And then at the end, we have another girl pancaked by a car, and then a bunch of dudes run out to execute her. What a cute, silly show this is and none of it is at all incongruous with the first half's wacky hangout times with not-Stephen Hawking.

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  • NeclordX says:

    This episode was a mess. First the police officer that knows about lycoris and even works with them scratches his head because he doesn’t know who in earth could be hidding the terrorists attack as accidents.

    Then silent Jin doesn’t kill megane cake for some reason because…he is a gentleman I guess then starts shooting at Takina aiming for the head.

    Then silent Jin, the man whose voice sensei never heard before spills all the beans.

    Is as if two different writters put together an script and one of them didn’t watch previous episodes or read the other part of the script.

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