Harley Quinn #27 — The Drilling Joke

July 29th, 2022


Is that the Garden of Iden, or Edin?


After a couple years, we return right where we left off, with the continued excessive Flanderization of Gordon and some very weird conclusions about Harley and Ivy's relationship. Gordon was pretty amusing early on as a joke of the hardboiled noir detective in crazytown, but he's become far too unhinged and an outright lunatic imbecile at this point where nothing he says or does ever makes a single iota of sense, but the joke is that he's… a lunatic imbecile, I guess. I'd rather have seen more of the crazy-ass mutant squirrel Wayne family, to be honest.

The other side of the episode was Harley and Ivy's Eat Bang Kill honeymoon tour, and setting aside the godawful over the top cringey Suicide Squad bit, was largely okay… right up until it spun out bizarrely at the end. Harley spends the entire episode being domineering, insecure, and unfulfilled, so you'd think they'd be working up to them learning a lesson that they're still individuals in a relationship. Which they give one line of a speech noting, mind you. Or even that Ivy isn't putting in anywhere near the same effort for Harley. That would have also been fine. Instead, the lesson is apparently that Ivy should believe in herself more and Harley is happiest setting aside her own wants and needs in the relationship after a couple weeks? The parallels here between her relationship with Joker are stark, but that's the speech we end the episode on. 

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  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder what they will address in the end. It was clear Harley destroyed the garden so they could be back to a more active lifestyle

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