Engage Kiss #04 — Girl Talk

July 23rd, 2022


This show takes failing the Bechdel Test like a challenge.


At least this one was slightly more on point, and I'd rather have characters talking about their feelings than 15 minutes of dry boardroom meetings. There was still a random dude going around briefing everybody anyway, so better, maybe, but still a long way upward to go. I'd rather more have them fighting murderous monster women. At least they eventually got to that, but apparently it's going to be a whole arc, but even that only introduced the stabbings at the very end. This was definitely the least animated fight of the show so far. 

It was an Ayano-centric episode at any rate, but Shu's continuing to be mostly an insensitive dick to her. I think what it's really lacking in his relationship with her is showing that he's actually trying to fix things and/or be a good person with her instead of always taking advantage of her. Right now, she pretty much just exists to be weepy and have sad music played over her for her suffering. At least Kisara is expressing some sympathy for her, but since everything revolves around Shu, that's not nearly enough. 

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