Engage Kiss #03 — Meanwhile, In the Boardroom

July 16th, 2022


Can we cut it out with any scene that takes place in an office?


And similarly to Lycoris Recoil, this is continuing to go in the entirely wrong direction; focusing more and more on the random bureaucrats rather than the characters, monster fighting, or even jokes about murderous girlfriends and/or the fanservice around them. Nor does it help that the monster was a big moth that they let sit for 15 minutes having all their chatsies over it. Not exactly screaming "critical situation here" as we patiently wait for the larva to come to term.

The stuff on the protagonists was actually pretty decent this time around too. That his family was killed by demons and he's terrified of losing his memories of them while being contracted to a demon who eats his memories is a strong, dramatic element to the story and the characters. It would still work so much better to make it more explicit that he's doing it to help specific people instead of "as random jobs," or the generic "demons bad." The kiss scene of her showing her understanding of the crappy situation, his conflict, and sacrifices was important for her character too, as was showing that she understands she destroyed his relationship with the other girl, and while the fight was lesser than the previous two, it still did a good job showing her trust and faith in him sniping past her, more than Lycoris did with the exact same schtick, though this one also put way more budget into its scene. They accomplished a lot on the character front in this episode with the protagonists despite the only six or seven minutes they had. Maybe the brevity is why, but I would still much prefer if we would quit it with the damn boardroom meetings.

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