Call of the Night #02 — Young People and Cell Phones

July 14th, 2022


Phones are larger now than they used to be!


Again, this is doing a bit better with the actual relationship side. The whole bit about being jealous of her 'being with' other people, but realizing that he shouldn't be jealous, and admitting that they both felt attracted to each other was good development for both and well handled. There is a nice thread here about regular attraction or infatuation versus love that they could be pulling on more, not to mention a sideways swipe at the whole multiple partners thing anime, and particularly the worst parts of the anime fandom, are so often guilty of. The comedy bit about cell phones though? Old man yelling at the kids energy.

The second half is a little let down because it's clear they ran out of any kind of script or content and decided to just toss in a generic montage of them wandering around to insert song and random shots of skyline. It did do a little bit of a better job giving the protagonist some kind of personality trait that isn't detached existential narration, but going from that to sentai fanboy, gleefully playing with children's toys, while certainly a more fun exchange than anime almost always has, is not a smooth transition for the character. Nor is the whole flustered thing over using a different honorific. It's again, a mountain from a molehill that the previous show was already annoying me by, especially after the emotional kiss bite.

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