The Dawn of the Witch #12 — A Victory for the Illuminati

June 30th, 2022


Japan really needs more and better editors.


I expected the ending here to be awful, and boy, was it awful. We have naught to stand up to this randomly generated army but fortification, preparation, and a half dozen super powered dudes who can each single-handedly obliterate a small army on their own. Oh, but they have a minotaur that heals fast. Well, we'll just… kill it. Nice of the protagonists to show up and each get one still. They were an integral part of this epsiode. Then we cut away to the apparent villain of this whole thing, who I'm not sure we've even seen before this point, who they half-ass threaten and he immediately blurts out the whole evil scheme. But our good guys are so good that they let him off the hook, just so long as he is their thrall now, under threat of death in front of a bunch of other world leaders. Great job. You've certainly proven that there's not a secret cabal of witches violently looking to rule the world.

There's really nothing that this show did even half-way competently. Its fumbling was at least a little bit adorable at times, but the characters were flat and ridiculous, the story nonexistent, and the production flat out embarrassingly bad. Oh but for the better times. At least next season is chock fill of magical fighty girlfriends, both with and without comically ridiculous weapons. Speaking of which, I really need to polish off the final edges on that this afternoon, what with the new season kicking off for real tomorrow.

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