The Dawn of the Witch #10 — Danger Hugs

June 16th, 2022


Maybe don't grab the spikey thing?


I do have to admit that there is something a little amusing about Seville just attempting to barrel ahead into a relationship while also being a complete imbecile. Oh hi, I burst into your room while you were sleeping. Here's some bread. I'm physically attracted to you. Let me put this weird potion into your staff. Okay, that was weird. Bye. What in the blazes are you even supposed to do or think when that's a character's entire dialogue tree? It's like three NPCs got scrambled into one.

Anyway, a lot like STR's episode today, a fairly dull episode that was mostly random pairs of characters having picnics together until precisely fifteen minutes into the episode, when a random monster appears for a poorly animated weird fight. Dude throws a punch, smash cut to his arm falling off. I'm not even sure why his leg came off either. It was also pretty funny how both mages just literally stood there motionlessly while the thingy slowly shambled in their general direction. Luckily, Shark Dude was there to hug the monster to show that it was dangerous. Seems like everybody (besides the kid) would have been totally fine even without hugging the spikey monster, but what do I know?

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