The Dawn of the Witch #09 — The Shipping Wars

June 9th, 2022


How dare you eat a sandwich I just handed to you to eat.

FYI, the broadcast for this is delayed next week. Not a lot, but it already airs super late as it is, which usually means it'll vanish into the ether. Or maybe the 'simulcasts' will just ignore that and nothing will change at all.


The best thing about the first third of this episode is that I get to write a sentence like "Seville is scared to keep using his orgasm power on his friends, so he wants to focus on only giving family members safe magic orgasms." He remains a terrible character and the whole schtick about not understanding basic human emotions isn't helping. Seven Knights pulled a similar thing, but at this point in its story, the main character was revealed to be a shapeshifting homunculus impersonating a dead kid, struggling to deal with his guilt and the secretive ghost living inside his skull. Seville… has bad fashion sense and is nervous about all the orgasms he's giving people.

Which made the second half quite a bit better for totally rejecting him and flat out pretending that he didn't exist at all. That was a good move. We can perhaps stick with that. Which doesn't mean that they fixed the pacing, and the ridiculous long-since disproven interrogation nonsense copaganda doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth either. But hey, they introduced a new female to be paired up against the face-turned shark-tooth dude, being the first named female in the show who doesn't want to bang the living grain sack. Shark-tooth has also already taken the Vegeta route and been reduced to a tsundere, which is at least silly enough to amuse me in its dumbness, and I'd rather see more of him flirting with the second midget church girl boob monster red head of the show than the sad sack of a protagonist whining about all the crushes he has.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Frank says:

    wait the protagonist is one of those who are treated as a power battery for the rest of the girls?

    • Aroduc says:

      And the lizard.

      Who is also a battery, but with self-mutilation instead of hand holding/kissing.