The Dawn of the Witch #08 — Random Bee Dude

June 2nd, 2022


Lotta dismemberment today.


And everything turns out to be just a test again. Like clockwork. Kind of doubt at this point that the dastardly Count Evil Dad or whoever is ever going to show up, or is even aware that anything is going on. I guess at least there were some cuttings, beheadings, and Ark-Face-Meltings, not to mention one completely random dude who apparently stumbled into a beehive and was then never mentioned again, but the show's utter lack of a budget continues to tank things, though a five minute conversation Both Sides-ing serial killing to end things was probably not helping either.

If this had at least Tsubaki's budget and flair for action scenes (well, the flair it had a month ago), these episodes would have some actual fun to them. At the very least, squashing some hands into slicing up dudes could be viscerally chunky. But alas. A still with shaking camera to show how impactful the impact impacted. Pathetic, Tezuka. You have a zany party of a fanservice nuke machine, a masochistic lizard healer, and a dude who alternatively makes people orgasm or melt by touching them. You shouldn't be struggling so hard to find some kind of fantasy adventure for them to face.

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  • NeclordX says:

    Well, at least bloody messes are better than stain underwear talk

  • Anonymous says:

    Let he who has not committed genocide cast the fist stone.