Summer Time Render #12 — Chicken and the Eye

June 30th, 2022


Whole lotta conveniently placed nipple shadows this week.


Boy, when people start getting shot in the face, everybody gets a piece of that. This is where they probably should have introduced a "no more time loops after this" rule or something, possibly via the magic eye gouging, because all the tension goes right out once main characters start having their heads turned to goo. Or at the very least, still had some kind of twist or turn up their sleeve. Dude secretly having some poison he pocketed along the way definitely was not it. At least let him do something innovative or unexpected to off himself instead of a flashback.  

Anyway, the whole cult behind the shadows ends up being not all that interesting. They've been feeding corpses to their dark gods, and occasionally get a simulacra of a loved one in return. Once again, it seems like a whole lot of blathering when the monsters just being some kind of primal hungering void would be far creepier and menacing, but we really want to be some kind of fighting thing too, so faux Milia Rage gets to have a fist fight with Megaton Nurse before knock Seth shows up and uses the power of Gun Haver to the fullest. Who needs razor hair when you can just shoot people in the face?

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