Summer Time Render #11 — Four Armed Gun Monster

June 23rd, 2022


Just like SCOTUS dreams of.


Another weirdly fairly uneventful episode that is veering ever harder towards the obligatory infodump from the obligatory cultists and the obligatory little girl goddess. There was a little bit of monster shooting, but now that people are taking magical shadow bullets to the guts, that just means that another time reset is fast approaching. Which isn't to say that there's no hope for some excitement and a boss battle before Shinpei gets his head nommed off again or whatever, but halfway through the episode, we were gearing up for the one cultist girl to Explain It All™, and all she ended up doing is walking Team Scooby over to the other creepy girl who will instead be the one to Explain It All™.

Team Crazy Boobs and Beard was a little more engaging, but it was clear the budget was hamstringing this episode, and once again, I'm not a huge fan of how every single episode seems to invent new, increasingly bizarre powers for the shadow monsters. One creepy acid-drooling beastie with a penchant for sewers and ceilings is a lot more terrifying and creepy than some corny six armed RPG boss that sprouts guns at random. And even that wasn't really animated. 

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