Summer Time Render #10 — Checking Out the Gift Shop

June 16th, 2022


Is there any security at this evil shrine at all?


A very dull and uneventful episode, which feels like a strange thing to say about Team Scooby Doo supposedly descending into the belly of the beast, but they spent most of the episode faffing about at the entrance way, marveling at the weird statues and doing over the top screams at each other for laughs. I really wish this show's humor would lean more into deadpan snark than the godawful weird facial expressions and over the top reactions. The reactions to friends being eviscerated and a pratfall should be easier to tell apart.

Anyway, it takes 15 minutes before they actually make it past the gift shop, at which point, they encounter a single goron shadow with half its head already cut off. Far be it from me to call myself an expert on shadow monster behavior, but I would think it'd act more like a shadow monster, not roll around, bouncing off walls like some kind of Sonic the Hedgehog ripoff. Even 'Ushio' constantly does more shadow monster things, like not try to stab things with her tongue, and this is easily the lamest and least threatening encounter with a shadow beastie to date.


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