Summer Time Render #08 — Mostly Armless

June 2nd, 2022


The godawful distorted reaction faces need to go.


Another very talky episode past the stabbings at the start, and definitely dragged down by the obnoxious faces that kept being made. Please do humor through dialogue and situations, not by overplaying reactions. The jokes are weak, and when you react to seeing a naked girl or somebody being kicked as more horrific than seeing friends and family eviscerated, their blood splattered all over your face, it ain't working for me. Get your priorities in order.

Anyway, the stabbing part was good, though would have been better without showing that the monster was coming to ambush them in the first place. Be a thriller. Subvert some expectations. Keep the audience on the edge. Then the weepy faces and talking heads took over, and unfortunately didn't even really have all that much to say. Ushio was the one who called Boobs back to the island, but apparently after she was copied, so something weird is going on with 'Ushio'. I think we all got that about a month ago. Let Boobs McGee and Grampa Sniper run things. It's good you're carrying a knife and ready to use it, but we're past the point we should be actively taking the fight to the monsters.


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