Kunoichi Tsubaki #12 — Artistic Demerits

June 25th, 2022


None of you are still cute.


I'm (unreasonably) peeved at this show for being over this week, but that could also be because both segments were fairly obnoxious. I think perhaps for the first time, the snarky pink one was involved and nobody threw a punch, but good lord, one wouldn't have been deserved. It was again about the dumb one with a complex about being the cutest as a continuation of the seduction crap from last week. That summary is also the joke. She still has the same complex, but now someone else is mocking her for it.

The second part returns to its origins, of Tsubaki having fits over thinking about drawings of dudes. Not even some crazy-ass ukiyoe kind of drawing of a dude being tentacle raped by an octopus or anything. You could generate some real content from trying to explain, or even comprehend something like that. Just non-drawings of a dude from mask girl, and the thought of opening a scroll with dude written on it. The continued screaming fits being the point, I guess. Not like anybody besides me is even acknowledging this show's existence anyway. And it'll be gone soon enough.


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