Kunoichi Tsubaki #10 — Rainy Days

June 11th, 2022


At least someone threw a punch.


Well, the second half featured the pink one, and like always, that means that somebody is going to be throwing a punch at someone else while she smirks, and then eventually is the impetus for one or two (not so) surprise reveals of her real intentions, so that's already better than most other episodes of this show. But the budget has clearly cratered from its earlier episodes, so a couple punches is quite literally all that we get. Tsubaki is sick, so she gets the obnoxious ones out of her hair for a little bit under a half-assed pretense. Even that was pretty obvious, though, again, considering the default for this show, is more than usual.

The first half was less tolerable. Another random set of girls, one purple, one yellow haired, the leader black haired. One obsessed with food, one incompetent, the leader frustrated with them but mostly herself for not living up to expectations, but through one or two random hardships, they reaffirm that they're all besties. Not aiming for the fences here with character design, personality, or development. I know you can accomplish a lot more in 10 minutes. Shows like Adventure Time and Steven Universe proved that over and over. At the very absolute least, can we not play out the same script over and over again? 

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