Kunoichi Tsubaki #09 — Snakes on a Brain

June 4th, 2022


Who are we kidding. Nobody in this show has a brain.


This episode ended with a two and a half minute basically unanimated distance shot of a stand-up routine. That is… rarely a good sign. Hell, the second half was just about two gyaru girls badmouthing their straightlaced keeper who's trying to 'fix' them for being… gyarus, basically. Not even for being lazy or terrible at ninja-ing, for having the wrong personalities and dressing inappropriately. But they respect and like her anyway, even while she spies on and plots to punish them, because they're all just big friendly friends here.

The first half was somewhat more on point, at least in theory. A snake hunt for food, except it eventually boiled down to "men" being written on a snake as a prank, and Tsubaki having too many orgasms every time she looked at a snake after being told that dicks are snake-like. It was a chance to at least do some ninja-ing, which the show has clearly run out of the budget and the motivation for, so there's naught but blushing, squirming, and a flashback to when they all chanted "Dicks, dicks, dicks."


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