Birdy W-ing #12 — Hurtful Stereotypes

June 21st, 2022


I don't remember most episodes being this racist.

I'm aware that new stuff starts appearing (in pre-air form, not actual broadcast) on Friday with the Japanese take on RWBY, but the summer season preview likely won't be up until next Tuesday. There are… so, so, so goddamned many sequels, and yet also somehow find space for half a dozen slave harem reincarnation into RPGs, though there is some overlap. At least pretty much all of the half-dozen originals look at least somewhat promising.


Again, I have to wonder who among this show's fans was thinking that the big tournament that they spent the last goddamn month hyping up would have thought or be happy with them going "yada yada", and montaging through it like it really seems they're going to do after all this golf date crap. Seriously here. Eve and Aoi show up, be racist at the girls, who are similarly racist back to them, run into a muscle-woman golfer, Eve mocks her, and then 30 seconds later, we're celebrating their victory and on the bus to go be racist somewhere else. Did they seriously introduce this character just to have the protagonists taunt her?

We're not even golfing anymore, let alone yakuza golfing, let alone alone yakuza golfing for illegal land deals on an underground robot course against goths with seemingly magic powers. We're having golfed… somewhere… against… somebody… who we belittle and mock for daring to exist in our world, but we don't need to show you any of that, you wouldn't be interested. Instead, here's Eve complaining about Japanese people, and Japanese people complaining about foreigners for being too pretty and rude.


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