Bird Wangs #11 — Learn to Golf

June 14th, 2022


We really are just spinning out wheels, waiting for the season to end, huh?


Let's pause for a moment and reflect on the how nonsensical Eve's character arc has been. She began the show as a secret-but-not-secret hot shot, flawlessly impersonating professional golfers. She was drawn into underground yakuza life or death golf battles against cheating goths and cyborgs. Upon overcoming that, she gets sent to golf high school to learn the basics of how to golf from 16 year old never-was peers, sidelined before they did literally anything. This makes sense to the writers. 

Which is to say that I'm desperately avoiding talking about the episode once again because there's goddamned nothing to talk about. It's a re-run of the Vipere training montage episode, except instead of a crazy goth wannabe and the yakuza chasing people with rocket launchers for five seconds, it's that weepy girl with tennis elbow. The end of the season is upon us. You haven't even involved one of the supposed main characters in a single arc yet. There is currently absolutely no story or character arc in progress whatsoever. We have jettisoned every single crazy ass hook in the show and are just doing high school golf montages. What on earth is anybody making this show thinking?


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One Lonely Comment

  • Joshua says:

    The real scary part is how gullible viewers who came for the yuribait are hoping for a second cour of this tripe.