The Dawn of the Witch #06 — Orgasms and Laundry

May 12th, 2022


How about no.

Reminder, this show's off next week.


This was a profoundly tiresome episode that continued the show's downward trend, and it started from a place more of pity and wry nostalgia than it did any appreciation of its actual merits. How long exactly are we going to be throwing a tantrum over a dude doing a girl's laundry? As this scene stretches into the fifth minute, the question hangs heavy. The best thing anybody could say about the entire first half of the episode was that they had a whole bit about how Doofus's job is to hold his friends' hands while they awkwardly orgasm. Uh, yeah. That's definitely something useful to the whole village and took a whopping ten seconds. I can see how your days are packed.

The second half was little better. The creepy church girl is a shy mouse person and… that's it. That's her whole schtick. Not introducing any kind of story element with her or a plot or anything like that. Just stopping by to explain that she's a mouse. Then it's back to the (no scare quotes are large enough) 'adult' side of the harem for a kiss, another tantrum with camera helpfully at the splayed crotch, and a blinding amount of sunset bloom for no reason whatsoever. Take the week off and at least try enough to remind me of the old trashy things I can reminisce about.

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